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What Can We Do to Get Your Business Online?

Domain Registration

You may require a new domain name (this is the www.yourcompanyname.com address that users would type in to access your web site) as part of your website project. We will work with you to determine the perfect domain name for your business and register the name for you. Domain names must be re-registered each year to maintain your rights to that name, so this is an annual cost.
Contact us if you would like us to register one or more domains for your business.

Cost: $30/year per domain

Reliable Website Hosting

Once your site is designed, you will need a server to "host" your website - this means to provide server space on which your web site files will physically reside. You may already have a web host - if so, we will upload your web site to your existing server. If, however, you have not already obtained web hosting, we are happy to provide this service for you (this is an annual fee). We work only with the most reliable web hosting companies, not the least expensive; however, you will find that our website hosting services are a great value. If we host your website, we can take care of things like setting up email accounts and forwarders, or assisting with trouble-shooting in case of problems or downtime related to the hosting account.
Contact us for more information about our website hosting and setup for your business.

Cost: Starts at $120/year

Wordpress Websites

More and more of our web design clients are requesting a Wordpress website at their initial consultation. It's no wonder - the Wordpress content management system (CMS) is an easy-to-learn, cost-effective way for our clients to manage their own website updates after their website is completed - which translates into money saved by not needing to pay us or someone else!
Find out more about our Wordpress website development services.

Cost: Starts at $1400. Price is based on number of pages and functionality included in setup.

Small Business Website Development

Small business website design is usually why people first call us - and we can deliver. Whether you have an existing website that is out of date and needs a new look, or you are just starting your business and need a brand new website to show off your products and services, we can jump in and help however you need us. Our websites look good, work well, and get results. We have options for every budget - from a one page brochure site to a large scale membership or e-commerce website, or anything in between.

Every website we develop includes the following:

  • A free consultation
  • A detailed and itemized proposal and contract
  • One website layout design using your input and branding, with up to three revisions (more designs and/or revisions can be completed at our hourly rate)
  • Domain registration, if needed (this is an annual fee)
  • Hosting and email setup, if needed (this is an annual fee)
  • Search engine optimized pages, using your content and keywords that we discuss to make sure they are right for your business

We can also offer and coordinate other services as needed such as photography, copywriting, data entry (for e-commerce products), and social media setup.
Contact us so we can talk about your website development project.

Cost: Starts at $1500. Price is based on number of pages and functionality included in your project.

Website Maintenance and Updates

Whether we developed your website or not, we can help you with updates to your website after it is completed and online. You may contact us anytime with update requests, and we will let you know right away when we can have it finished and how much it will cost. Most small (1/2 hour or less) changes can be completed within 3 business days of your request (or sooner). We have a reasonable hourly rate for website updates, and you will receive an invoice at the end of each month for any updates that were completed that month.
Contact us if your current website needs to be updated.

Cost: Starts at $55/hour

How Does Our Web Design Process Work?

Step by step, we will keep you informed

Here's what you can expect to happen after you agree to have ImageBuilders provide you with high quality web design and/or development services:

A free consultation. We will talk with you about your web design project, to find out what you've done previously and what you hope to accomplish with your website now and in the future, and learn about your business in general. Our experience will help us to make suggestions and brainstorm ideas for your website. If you have a vision for your site, please share! We will get the creative juices flowing and talk about your brand and "look". This conversation can happen in person, over the phone, or by email - whichever is most convenient for you.

Complete proposal and fair contract. Our proposal will include everything that we will accomplish with your website, along with all costs and services itemized so it's easy for you to see what will be delivered. Our contract is clear and easy to understand, and protects both of us equally. At the time that you accept our proposal, 1/2 of the project cost is due along with our signed contract - this is when we will add you to our schedule.

We will give you a new look. If this is a new website or a re-design, we will first design the layout of your website. We will revise your design until you are thrilled with your new look. It is really important to us that we get this right - this will be your potential clients' first impression of your business! Once we have your written approval on the design, we will proceed to develop the website using that design. Any changes that you make to the design after this point may incur additional cost.

Our development work will begin. Once we have your written approval on the design, we will proceed to develop the website pages and functionality using that design. This is when we need things from you, such as images, text content for your pages, and approval on the progress of the website. Any delay in receiving this information from you may delay the timeframe of the project. Once we have the site well underway, we will send you a link on our server so you can see the progress and understand what content we need from you.

Your website will go live! When we finish with your website development, you will be asked for written final approval to go live. You will be able to see your entire website as it will look online. Once you approve your website, the remainder of the project cost is due. Then we will make your website live and you are open for virtual business!

See our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for more information about how we work and what to expect.

See some of our completed projects. Or just contact us to discuss your website needs!

Content Management Systems

Wordpress is just one of many content management systems (CMS) available to use in developing your website. A CMS is a program installed on the server with your website that allows you to log in securely to a web-based admin to update the content on your website pages. Content management systems allow you to update text on a page, add or change photos, maintain a photo gallery, and more. There is normally an additional cost to have us set up a content management system for your website, but once it's in place, it's a money-saver for your business, since you will be able to make changes yourself without having to pay for website updates.
Contact us for more information about your CMS options.

Social Media and Email Marketing Services

Once your website is live, you're not done (sorry!). A website is not something you check off your list as completed and never think about again. For your online and offline business to thrive, you will want to use all of the marketing tools at your disposal to promote your services. In recent years, social media has come to the forefront as an inexpensive and very effective marketing tool for your website and your business. We can help you set up social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and teach you how to manage them to get great results. We can also set up an email marketing tool for you such as Constant Contact or MailChimp so that you can send out email blasts to your contact list on a regular basis letting them know your current specials, new services, or relevant tips and tricks. You will be the first one they think of when they are in need of your services.
Contact us today for help in setting up and managing your social media accounts.

Cost: Starts at $100 for setup and $100/month for ongoing help

Subcontracting for Other Web Designers

We love working with other Cecil County, Maryland and New Castle County, Delaware web design companies, IT firms, or graphic design studios to enable them to offer services to their own clients that they don't have time or knowledge to fulfill in-house. We know the value of subcontracting to someone else who specializes in a task - as small business owners, we can't do it all. Our rates are reasonable, and we will provide you with an accurate estimate, a simple and fair contract, and a timeline for completion that will meet your client's deadline.
Contact us to talk about starting a new relationship with us so that you can offer more services to your clients.

Search Engine Optimization

You can have the most beautiful website in the world, but if no one can find it, it doesn't matter. Half of the job of your website is to attract new customers who otherwise would not know you exist. How does this happen? By optimizing the pages of your website for search engines, so that when someone searches for your services, they will see you in the list - as high up as possible! Search engine optimization is hard work and takes time to see an improvement. We will work with you to identify the keywords that will get you the best results. We know that you are competing with tons of other websites out there for online business.
Learn about search engine optimization and how it makes your website investment worthwhile.

Logo Design

It is SO important for your business to have a consistent professional brand to present to the world. Every contact that you have with clients or potential clients should be in line with and use your brand. A logo is the first step to identifying how you want to represent your business. Once it's designed, you will use it on your website, business cards, letterhead, ads, apparel, billboards, vehicles, and more! Having a professional logo designed is a worthwhile investment. We will bring in our crazy-talented graphic designer who is fun, easy to work with, and really listens to your business goals and personality. We will work with you until you agree that your logo represents your business perfectly.
Contact us for information about how our logo design process works.

Cost: Starts at $500

Print and Other Graphic Design

Once your brand has been established with a new logo and website, you may very well find that you would like to extend your brand to all of your printed material. We can design top notch business cards, brochures, and letterhead that will put you a step ahead of your competition. We can also provide graphic design for online banner ads or print ads for publications.
Contact us for examples of our print graphic designs or to discuss your project.

E-Commerce Websites

You have great products, and you want to make it easy for your customers to order online so they keep coming back. But setting up an e-commerce website can be daunting. You may have already tried to make it happen yourself and are now frustrated and just want to start selling! We can help - we will take care of everything from start to finish: a professional design, an easy to use website, secure online ordering, assistance in setting up your payment gateway, and an easy way to add or change your product information. Whether you have one start-up product or thousands of items ready to ship, we will choose and develop the most cost-effective and easy to manage e-commerce system for you so you can focus on your business, not on your website.
Call us so we can discuss your e-commerce website project.

Cost: Starts at $2300

Custom Programming/Web Development

This may sound odd, but we LOVE web PROGRAMMING! My education and experience before opening my own web design company was in computer programming and web development, including PHP, ASP, and database design and development using MySQL, SQL, and Access. Are you looking for an e-commerce website? Or would you like your website to collect data about your customers? Display data from a database for your website visitors? Have a secure area that's only accessible to members, or a slideshow? Maybe you would like to accept online payments? We can make it happen.

Most of our web programming uses PHP/MySQL, because this is the most commonly used language and database for web applications. PHP is used for most content management systems, so contact us if you need help customizing your CMS (especially Wordpress!). If you can dream it, we can make it happen!

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