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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Web Design Services

How long will my web design project take?

We do our very best to move your project along as quickly as possible. As soon as you sign your contract and pay your deposit, your project is added to our schedule in the next available time slot. Normally, we're able to get started within a week or two. We will have already provided you with information about our web design process and what to expect, so you can follow along in the process. Along the way, we will need things from you - if you get them to us in a timely manner, we can keep working and can often have your website up in 1-2 months. If you need more time to provide approval on our design, gather photos, or write content for us to use, the process will take longer.

Since we have many clients who are ALL important to us, we try to start and complete projects in the order in which contracts have been signed with us if at all possible. We are not a website factory who cranks out cookie cutter websites as fast as possible: the website we provide for you will be the result of hard work on our part on the design, usability, and search engine optimization, so it will be worth the wait!

Why am I not showing up in search engines?

This is a question that we are understandably asked so often. When a new website goes live on the World Wide Web, it is available immediately for website visitors who know the URL of the website (www.yourwebsite.com). But if you go to Google or Bing and search for your new website or try using relevant keywords to find your site, it's not listed at all. Why? Because search engines "spider" around the internet every 3 - 4 weeks looking for new websites and new content on existing websites. When a new website is found, the text content on that site is "indexed" by the search engine (it saves all important keywords that it finds on the pages of your website in a database so that when someone searches for those keywords, the search engine knows that your website is relevant and will return it as one of the results). So you can expect your website to start coming up in search engine results within 3 - 4 weeks of going live.

Where in those results your website will be listed is another important question. Click here for more information about our Maryland and Delaware website SEO management services and why they are such an important marketing value.

Why should I hire a professional web designer?

Answer coming soon!

Why aren't I getting any new business from my website?

Answer coming soon!

I got this letter in the mail that says I need to renew my hosting (or domain registration)? Should I write a check?

Answer coming soon!

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